About Ed Earl


Ed Earl is the principal of Priority 1 Projects, an Owners Representative and Construction Project Management firm based in San Diego, California. Ed has 25 years of construction experience and an MBA from Stanford University. He has represented owners on a wide variety of construction projects from a 27,000sf estate home to a safari camp rebuild in Africa. Ed is also a business coach working exclusively with contractors to help them increase both their profitability and enjoyment in their construction company.

He promotes an approach to construction project management he terms “collaborative construction” which is based on open communication, trust and shared objectives. Ed has been nicknamed ‘The Zen Builder’ as a 20 year practitioner of Zen Buddhism and has studied under Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Ed was also the project manager for the construction of a nunnery complex at Deer Park Monastery in San Diego which incorporates sustainable design and green building techniques including straw bale construction. Ed is an energetic, talented national speaker with a passion for green building projects and helping contractors reduce conflict in their business and eliminate drama with their customers.

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